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Sunday, December 4, 2016

1771. Moving Libraries

I need more space on my Windows boot drive. Can I move "My Documents" and do I need to do something special to do this?

Yes moving your documents to another hard drive can be done. The My Documents folder as well as My Pictures, My Videos, Desktop, My Music and Downloads are "Special Windows" folders called Libraries. Since Libraries are used by Windows and other applications it is important to move these folders using the Library Icon.

Find the Documents folder in This PC and right button click on it and select Properties. You will see different tabs than on a regular folder. The tab we care about is the Location Tab. Select the Location Tab and then the Move button.

Use the Select a Destination Dialog to locate the new location for your folder. You will then be asked if you want to move the old contents to the new location. Reply yes. One the operation finished your programs that use these Libraries like MS Word for My Documents will automatically know where to store documents.

Programs that store Pictures will also know where you want to store your pictures. So remember you can move your My Documents and other Library folder just do it this special way so all the applications can find things.

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