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Sunday, December 4, 2016

1772. Repaving and keeping UI things

You often recommend "repaving" Windows to clean things up. How can I keep many of my settings, like browser shortcuts, apps and other UI things.

There are utilities that you can purchase that will move most if not all of you files and settings like the Favorites/and shortcuts for your browsers. Laplink has a product called PC Mover. But is costs $59.00.

A free product called EaseUS is supposed to help. We haven't tried it however.

PCMover is supposed to move programs, files and settings so it may be worth the cost. If you have all of the programs that you can re-install then you might try to do it yourself. Remember this can work if you are not upgrading to a new release just "repaving" as Ken says to get a fresh new copy of the same operating system like Windows 10 to Windows 10.

The key folder to look in is your User folder normally on the C: drive. There are folders called Favorites, Links. These folders and the folders where My Documents, Desktops, My Pictures, My Videos and My Music are located should all be moved.

Remember to always get a full image backup of your system using an image backup like Macrium's Reflect before attempting this. It can be tricky so consider the PCMover product.

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