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Monday, January 16, 2017

1713. Automatically Route iPhone Calls to the Speaker

I most often use the speaker on my phone during the day, and for every call I make or receive, I have to press the little speaker icon. Is there some way to make my phone automatically route calls to the speaker, so I can bypass fiddling with that button every time?
We can definitely see situations in which this might be helpful: If you’re in the car, for example, or if you’re working at home and need to answer the phone hands free. The solution is simple, if not totally obvious, and you can definitely set up your phone so that calls automatically route to the speaker. In addition, you can automatically route calls to a Bluetooth device, using the same steps.
You might think that you would look in the settings for Audio or Phone or something like that, but that’s not where you’ll find the option to select the default sound source. Instead, select Settings and then General; then select Accessibility. Within the Accessibility settings, choose Call Audio Routing (set to “Automatic” by default). Select from the available options (Automatic, Bluetooth Headset, or Speaker) and calls you both make and receive will use the selected option. A nice side note: Facetime calls use the same routing, so you won’t need to alter your settings for those calls.

If you want to switch back to the default setting, simply repeat the steps and select Automatic. (Note that for Android phones, audio routing is handled by individual applications, which may modify the routing for all applications—things are lot more complicated and less organized in the Android world. Your Android phone may include an option to set a default audio routing, but not all phones do.)

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