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Monday, January 16, 2017

1773. Change size and Color of Mouse Pointer

I often lose the mouse pointer in Windows 10. It's just too small for me to see. How do I change the size and color of my mouse pointer so I can see it?

It sure can be difficult to see the mouse pointer in Windows sometimes especially when you have a lot of windows open concurrently. The default size for the mouse pointer ought to be OK but you certainly may want to need or change the size or color.

Every version of Windows has had a mechanism for changing the mouse pointer size but it's never been easier than it is in Windows ten. In Windows ten, you can just run the Settings app select Ease of Access and then Mouse. It maybe even easier just to type mouse pointer into the search box in the lower left corner of the screen that should take you right to the correct place.

Once you find the mouse pointer accessibility settings you can change the size to a small medium or large pointer. You can change the color to white black or inverted where the color changes based on the background.

If you want to change the shape of the mouse pointer. You'll have to go to the control panel application find the mouse applet and select the pointers tab. There you can change the mouse pointer to be a number of different shapes. Back in the good old days I remember I could change the mouse pointer to be a galloping horse or tapping fingers. But those kinds of fanciful mouse pointers have gone by the wayside since they were never very helpful. Now most of the time a simple arrow will do but it's simple to change the mouse pointer size and color using the settings application in Windows 10.

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