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Monday, January 16, 2017

1774. Close all Tabs in Safari on iOS

I tend to open a lot of tabs when using Safari on my iPhone. I have had occasions when I wanted to close all the tabs, but I couldn't find a way to do it other than manually shutting them down one by one. Is there a trick to this?

This generally isn't a problem on devices with larger screens but on the iPhone it's easy to get into a situation in which you have so many tabs open that you can't find the one you need. If you're working in Safari on IOS you can tap the tabs link at the bottom right of the browser. It looks like two overlapping pages in the current version of IOS to create a new tab page and you can click on the little X in the upper left corner of any page to close that tab.

The problem comes when you want to close them all and start fresh. The solution is simple but not obvious. You would most likely never think of trying the right solution. The answer rather than tapping the tabs a link at the bottom right corner press and hold it. When you do that. IOS presents three options, new tab, close thirteen tabs or however many you have open and cancel.

Selecting the second option close thirteen tabs or however many makes it simple to close all the open tabs. If you already open the tabs link you can get the same effect by pressing and holding on the done link at the lower right. Who thinks of these things.

This presents the same three options allowing you to close all the tabs. Although this isn't a serious problem, knowing how to close all the tabs with one click can certainly save you a lot of time. You would think that you could just shut down the browser and restarted and accomplish the same thing but it doesn't because Safari remembers the set of tabs you had open the last time you were in the app. Take a second and try this press and hold trick and you'll be able to close all the tabs at once.

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