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Monday, January 16, 2017

1777. Delete Yourself from Twitter

I have used Twitter for several years in order to promote my small business, but to be honest, I’ve had enough of it. I really need to completely kill my Twitter account, as if it never existed. Can you help?

Not being a huge Twitter fan I've often considered just cancelling my account and getting rid of it. And to be honest. There are some other people. I wish would do the same.

But in any case if you want to delete your Twitter account, you have to remember one important fact you can't do it from a Twitter application. On your phone or your computer you have to actually log in to a web browser and once you've done that go to Settings and from there choose deactivate my account.

That doesn't kill it immediately. That gives you a thirty day grace period where you can reactivate it again from a web browser, if you care to do so. If you don't do anything after thirty days your Twitter account will be deleted.

I'm just saying this is something that probably a lot of people could make use of.

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