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Monday, January 16, 2017

1784. PC to Mac

How can I move document folder from PC to Mac?

If you have decided you want to drink the cool aid, there is a great utility that you can get at the Apple Support web site that will allow you to transfer data from a PC to a Mac.

There is a Migration Assistant in OSX Lion and above that will easily transafer data from your PC. Apple Retail Stores and Apple Specialists offer serveral levels of data transfer services as well. You will need some sort of device to store the data on to make the transfer.

A portable hard drive, thumb drive and DVD can be used. Of course this is for your data only. Programs are not transfereable. But some licenses allow you to move your programs like Office suite available on Office 365.

So if you must or if you want you can move to the dark side. I am only kidding. I have both a Mac and PC's. I use what is the best for the job. We will do a tip on moving from a MAC to Windows. I promise.

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