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Sunday, February 19, 2017

1786. Chrome a memory hog?

I use Google Chrome as my browser. I really like it, but it seems to be a memory hog. Occasionally, I want to restart it to clear out its huge memory footprint. The only way I’ve found to completely restart it a system reboot. Is there an easier way to restart Chrome?

We love Chrome but good grief. It can chew up a computer's memory. The more extensions you have loaded and the more tab pages you have open the more memory it uses. In addition Chrome starts up a large number of background processes that can themselves take up a lot of memory. If you find your computer slowing down as you use Chrome you may find that you want to restart the whole application and the easiest way to do this is to just reboot. 

Chrome supports a set of internal pages that you can use and you can access by entering a web address like Chrome://About - That lists all the internal pages. You want to be careful using these internal pages. Some can take actions you may not expect but in order to reset chrome on demand, you can try out the Chrome Restart page.

You get there by typing Chrome://restart - When you do that Chrome will completely restart clearing out its memory and act as if you had rebooted your computer. 

There are other built in Chrome pages as well. For example like Chrome://bookmarks and Chrome://apps. Those are both benign and can be useful. Try them out and see what you find but the restart page will restart Chrome for you.

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