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Sunday, February 19, 2017

1788. Router slowing down?

My home network's router works pretty well, most of the time. Occasionally, it seems to run really slowly and a reboot fixes the problem. Is there an easy way I can cause it to reboot at a regular interval, perhaps during the night when no one is accessing the internet?

In a perfect world, this wouldn't be necessary your router wouldn't get slow and it wouldn't need a reboot. But it's just a little computer and like any other computer can get itself into a state when it might need to be rebooted. 

You would think there would be something built into the router software that would say reboot me every day or two but there's not not in any home router I've ever seen. 

The alternative is really simple you go to the hardware store you get one of those electric lamp timers that has little buttons you can choose to indicate when you wanted to be on and off and you just set it to be off for a few minutes once a day by moving the pegs the right way. It seems like a really low tech solution but it really works.

That way if your router is off for a few minutes every day it comes back on it reboots, and it gets a chance to reset itself so that it never turns out to be slow because it needs to be rebooted.

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