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Sunday, February 19, 2017

1790. Mackbook, trackpad and mouse

When I’m working at home, I use my MacBook with an attached mouse, and never really use the track pad. When I’m on the road, I do use the trackpad. When I’m at my desk, I’d really like the trackpad to be disabled. Is there some way to convince the Mac to turn off the track pad when I’m at home, but enable it when I’m not.

It would be some kind of magic, if your mac could tell when you were home and set things up differently just based on the proximity to some location in the world but that's not the way it works. 

On the other hand you can tell the Mac to behave differently when there is a mouse attached and when there's not. To do this -  Go to System Preferences and you'd think you'd look under trackpad settings but that's not where it is. It's under accessibility. Go figure. 

And under accessibility. There's a mouse and trackpad option. There you can choose the "ignore built in trackpad when mouse or wireless trackpad is present". It's a checkbox. Just check it and then when you have a mouse or external trackpad attached the built in trackpad will be disabled. That way you can have it both ways. 

When you're home you can use an attached mouse and the trackpad won't work. When you're on the road and you've left your mouse at home your trackpad built into your MAC will work. It's a simple setting. 

It's just in a funny place. It's in the accessibility settings not in the trackpad settings.

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