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Sunday, February 19, 2017

1791.Accounts off Instagram

How do I take off accounts from Instagram that are ads?

After Instagram fell under Facebook's umbrella, the Instagram community - made up of more than 150 million members - worried that the popular photo-sharing app would become plagued by cumbersome ads.
And they were right - kind of. Fortunately, users do have some options available to them, including the ability to hide ads on Instagram..To hide ads individually, tap the "..." button below them. From there, you can provide feedback about what you didn't like. Not only does this remove the ad from your feed, but it also helps Instagram improve ads over time. In addition there is a "ad Settings" option in your Facebook settings that allows you to Turn Off the intereset based ads. Sadly this doesn't turn off ads, just what they are based on. So you now will see ads not related to your browsing. I guess that is better. But the real solution is to just not use Facebook or Instagram. Did I say this out loud?

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