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Sunday, February 19, 2017

1792. GoDaddy hosting resource limits

I have clients that use GoDaddy to host their web site - often a Word Press site. They keep getting emails saying their hosting is approaching resource limits. What is happening?

The emails I have seen in some cases are real and in some cases are an up-sell. Log into your account to look at what might be causing issues. Have you changed the site recently? Have you seen some increase in site access? Use Google Analytics to help with these questions.

Maybe your site has been hacked? If you call GoDaddy support be aware that they have a very hard sell approach and will try to add functions to your site to increase resources, add software to test for malware, and to use their software to do a site backup. Remember that the best defense to your site being hacked is to have a backup!! The GoDaddy site backup is actually a bargain at $1.99 per month. It does allow you to restore a hacked web site without the ability to access the admin features of your site like the ability to restore some plugin backups.

This is a good feature because when a site is hacked you most likely can't access these options. GoDaddy does not advertise this backup option. Don't understand why but if you have a GoDaddy web site look into their backup option.

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