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Sunday, March 19, 2017

1798. Create a List of All Installed Applications

I’m running Windows 10, and recently bought a new computer. I’d like to be able to create a list of all the applications installed on my current computer, so I can easily install them again on the new computer. Some of the applications come from the Internet, and some I install from DVDs. Is there some application that can create this list for me?

This is a question we deal with ourselves with some regularity. Every time we set up a new computer, we need to install a base set of applications, and don’t want to forget something important. There are a number of ways to get a list of installed applications in Windows, but there’s one really simple, free way to get what you need. The trick is to make use of a great, free application that we have discussed in previous tips: CCleaner . Besides providing great tools for cleaning the contents of your Windows installation, CCleaner also provides a great uninstall tool—it can easily uninstall any application that you have installed. As part of the uninstallation tool, CCleaner provides an option to save the list of installed applications to a text file. Select Tools, then Uninstall, then, in the lower-right corner, select Save to text file. Given that text file, you’re all set—you know what applications are installed on the current computer, and you can use that list to install the same set of applications on the new computer. Beware: If you’re creating the list because you’re reformatting the current computer, remember that reformatting will erase the list you’ve just created! Make sure you save it to a USB stick, or print it out before formatting, so you can use it when re-installing all the necessary applications.

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