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Sunday, March 19, 2017

1799. Easy Way to Check Internet Connection Speed

I live in a rural area, and pay dearly for Internet service that is, at best, somewhat unreliable. I pay a lot (did I mention that?) and want to make sure that if I’m not getting the speed offered by my ISP, I can let them know. I know about some Web pages that can test this for me, but I was hoping to find an application I can run from my Mac desktop. Can you recommend something?

One of our favorite sites for checking Internet speed is , or the Flash-free version at And yes, you can use the Web-based tool, but if you check often, it can be a drag to have to open a browser, or a new tab in an open browser, browse to the correct site, and run the test. Taking all of this into account,’s creators, the company named Ookla, created apps for both Windows 10 and Mac OS X. These apps run on the desktop, provide the same information as the Web apps, and also make it easy to share the results via several different transports, including email, from within the apps. The Windows 10 app is available from the Windows Store . Search in the Windows Store for Speedtest by Ookla. The Mac OS X application is available in the Mac App Store—again, search for Speedtest by Ookla. The Windows app works like any other application; the Mac app runs from the menu bar. In each case, start the app, click the Go button, and await the results. Once you get your (hopefully, adequate) results, click the Share button (looks like a rectangle with an upwards arrow) at the top of the window, and select the mechanism by which you want to share your results. This isn't an essential app, but if you find yourself checking your speed regularly, it's really useful.

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