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Thursday, May 18, 2017

1801. Dealing with CloudBleed

I heard some scary stuff about another online breach, code-named CloudBleed. What's up with this? Do I need to do anything to deal with it?

When I first heard about cloud bleed a few days ago my heart just stopped. 

The answer is yes you need to be worried and you need to do something. The whole thing is based on a technology called Cloud Flare which is a tool that a lot of websites use to expose data that makes it possible for the Web site to do its job, but it's supposed to keep your credentials well secret. 

The problem is there is a bug in Cloud Flare that expose that information to the public world and a lot of passwords have been exposed and compromised. This bug this problem affects thousands of websites and you probably need to change your password on a number of different websites. 

Some of the affected sites include Yelp and other very big and famous websites. We have a link on our website which doesn't use Cloud Flare or I hope and it doesn't matter because you're not signing into it but in any case there is a link there which has an article which both lists all the websites that have been compromised and has a link to a website you can use to check and see if any particular website has been compromised.

I would say you're better off just changing every password you have but I know that's not possible so check out the link at our site and look to see if your sites that you use have been compromised and if so make sure you change your password on that site and please don't reuse the same password on multiple sites use a unique password on every public website.

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