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Thursday, May 18, 2017

1816. Windows 10 upddates

I hear about the Windows 10 Anniversary and Creators update and all of the features. How can I determine if I have the upgrade and how can I get it if I don't?

Hold your Windows Key + R and type "winver" in the open windows and click OK. Version 1507 is the base, 1511 is the Novermber update, Anniversary is 1607, and Creators is 1703.

The first 2 digits is the year they were released and the next two digits the month. . You probably want to get the latest. You need to download it and upgrade.

Starting April 17 the Creators edition was available. Your copy of Windows will get eventually upgraded in a phased approach. Newer computers first. If you want it now go to .

You can download and update in place or create a USB thumb drive. Remember Backup an image first!!

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