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Thursday, May 18, 2017

1817. Computer Time

The clock on my Windows 10 computer is never correct. What can I do to make it accurate?

First check the battery in your computer. If this is run down it can cause some time errors. To determine if your onboard battery is low, turn the power off on your computer and restart it. If the battery is low you will see a warning when it initially starts.

You can usually get a new battery at most drug and food stores that carry camera and other specialty batteries. They are usually under $5. You do have to open your computer to replace the battery. If you do a search for battery replacement and you computer make/model you can find the instructions.

Also you can make your computer set it's time to the "world" time clocks. This will force your computer to always check the time and will keep the clock accurate. Do a search for setting your computer clock to internet time and you will find the simple instructions.

Here is a link

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