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Thursday, May 18, 2017

1818. Contractions made easy

I am not a good typist and on my iPhone I am terrible. One thing that always hate is going back and forth between alpha, and special characters. Have any suggestions?

One issue I always have trouble with is entering contractions. like we'll or it's because I have to go to the special characters screen.

Well instead all you need to do is add an extra last character. If you want to type we're all you need to do is add an extra last character. So type weree and it will make it we're. For it's type itss, and for we'll type welll.

This is just one of the great ways to make your typing easier on the iPhone. Another tip if you are typing a password with alphanumeric when you want to type a number click the numeric key and don't lift your finger just slide up to the number and release your finger. It will type the number and go back to the alpha key entries.

Sadly I never took a typing class so even if I am at a regular keyboard I have trouble typing. I still use three fingers on each hand and have to look at the keys most of the time.

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