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Thursday, May 18, 2017

1819. Windows 10 activation

I always change computers and it is a pain to have to re-activate the Windows 10 license. Is there any other option?

Yes. The aniversary update allows you to connect your license to your MS account. This way if you change computers you can easily activate your Windows 10 license on your new computer.

Usually if you change the hard drive or the processor/motherboard Windows license is no longer valid. We always recommend doing an image copy of your computer when making changes. But if you have to replace your hard drive and you restore the image the license needs reactivation and you have to go through Microsoft hassles to do this.

Now with the Anniversary update if you use your MS account to sign in it is automatic. If you use a local account you need to go into settings and set things up. It is easy to do and worth the initial time. See the details on our web site or do a simple search on assigning your Windows 10 license to your MS account.

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