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Sunday, June 18, 2017

1826. Photos with ID

I understand that if a friend takes a photo that includes me in it, and then she posts that photo on Facebook, she can tag me in the photo. I get the concept, but I don’t always like being tagged in other peoples’ photos. Is there some way to untag myself once I’ve been tagged in a photo?

We often feel like telling the world that once you have a Facebook account (and even if you don’t), all real privacy has been lost to social media. (The sky is falling! The sky is falling!) Maybe it’s not that bad, but certainly, once you’re on Facebook and you’ve made posts, commented on others’ posts, have posted photos, and have been tagged in others’ photos, you’re an easy target for anyone wishing to find out more about you than you perhaps wanted known to strangers.

Admit it—you’ve done a little Facebook stalking, haven’t you? That is, searched to find information on an acquaintance, or someone you’ve heard something about? Wait, what? It’s only us? We don’t think so. For the uninitiated, once you post a photo on Facebook, you can “tag” individuals in the photo by hovering over the person’s face with your mouse, and filling in the name in the box that appears underneath the face. If the person is a Facebook member, typing the name converts to a link to the person’s profile, so viewers can click the link to be taken to the profile associated with the photo.

Once you’ve opened the Pandora’s Box that is online social media, there’s no easy way to completely close it, but do have some control over how your name is used in photos. If you find that you’ve been tagged in a photo you’d rather not have your boss, your mother, or anyone else see, you can untag yourself. First, find the photo on Facebook. Then, hover your mouse over the link that identifies you in the photo. A little box pops up, with information about you and a link to your wall/profile.

At the top, next to the information about the person that tagged you, you’ll find a link with the text “Remove tag.” Click this link, and Facebook will remove the link to you in the photo. Fixing up all the photos showing you in various states of embarrassment could take a while, but at least you have that option. (Or you could just be in compromising situations to begin with!) Of course, we’re guessing that if you were truly concerned about your privacy, you wouldn’t be active on Facebook to begin with! (Of course, removing your tag from the photo doesn’t remove your image from the photo: If you really want the image to disappear, you’ll need to ask your friend to remove it. Good luck!)

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