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Sunday, June 18, 2017

1828. More Scams

The amount of scams are increasing. What can you do to protect yourself? I recently got a call from someone saying they were Microsoft support saying something was wrong with my computer and they wanted to connect to my computer to fix the problem. I started to get out my CC and then I realized something was wrong. Should I let someone connect to my computer.
Bells should go off immediately. First Microsoft would never call you out of the blue. No legitimate support group would. When this happens just hang up. If you ever get a pop up on your computer saying you have a virus, NEVER call the number on the screen. These are scams. Don't call them, hang up if they call you. DO NOT give them CC information. And never ever let a stranger connect to your computer. Unless you know where this person lives you will regret it. If they connect they can leave bad things on your computer. In my support business I have a need to help people by connecting remotely. But my clients know where I eat. Please do not let this happen to you. Never ever let someone you don't know or can't confirm they are legitimate connect to your computer. PERIOD!!!!!!

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