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Sunday, June 18, 2017

1829. Backup options

We always talk about malware and how backups are the only real way to protect yourself. Can you take some time to clarify.

Well as you know there are thousands of bad people trying to destroy your computer with malware. I frankly don't fully understand the motive. Ransomware makes sense, at least they can get money.

In any case there are only a handful of companies trying to provide software to protect against the many bad people. So no matter what antivirus software you will get attacked and the backup is your only real protection. This will also protect you in case of disk failure. You want to have an image backup. This is a complete copy of your computer disk. Not just your documents and pictures.

Windows 10 has builtin software and for about $50 you can purchase image backup software called Reflect or Acronis for PC's and Carbon Copy Cloner for a Mac. And yes bad things can happen to your Mac.

All you need besides the software is a USB hard drive for about $50. TimeMachine for the Mac and basic backup of files on the PC is not enough.

Also make sure you have your documents and pictures backup to the cloud. There are many free services OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud and more. Use the Image backup and offsite cloud backup to insure you can recover your computer from bad people and hardware/software failure. Backup, backup, and backup again.

And don't forget to test your backups to make sure they are working and you know what you have to do to recover your system. You will thank us later.

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