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Sunday, June 18, 2017

1830. Not Secure Web site message

Why does my Google Chrome browser showing me a "not secure" message when I connect to a web site. Places that I have been visiting before are now insecure?

In January an update to Google Chrome started to display NOT Secure in front of a URL address. This was not that way before the update. Nothing has changed on the site it is just a way to warn you that the site is not protecting any content.

You should never enter passwords if the site is not secure or pass any private information. Before this change and on other browsers the way you can tell if the site is secure you would see the HTTP or HTTPS in front of the actual domain address. This is identifying that it is a HTTP site not HTTPS. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and the ending S stands for Secure.

No matter which browser you use remember to check this information be fore entering private or sensitive information. NO S don't enter the data. The S indicates the data will be encrypted on your computer sent over the internet then un-encrypted at the other end.

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