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Sunday, July 30, 2017

1833. Don't lose your contacts

I recently had to replace my phone, and when I did, I realized that I no longer had all of the contact information from my old phone. At this point, all I can see to do is to ask all of my friends to send me their contact information again. Is there some way to avoid this in the future?

Back in the bad old days before there were smartphones I could see this being a thing you could do even on most of those old phones. Copy all your contacts to the SIM card and then move the SIM card to your new phone and that way you'd have a backup of your contacts. But with a smartphone there's really no excuse for this question.

I see it all the time from young friends on Facebook who have all their contact information on their phone and nowhere else in their life. The answer is your phone should not be a repository for data it should be a viewer for data. Your data should be stored somewhere else most likely in the cloud.

If you use an i Phone you can use iCloud to store all your contact, calendar, and other information. If you're an Android user or an iPhone user you can use Google to hold all of your contact information and more. In other words don't use your phone as a place to store information. Use your phone as a place to view information.

If you can't go to another computer somewhere log in to an online account and see your data on that computer then you're not set up correctly. Please believe us on this - someday you're going to lose a phone or drop it into the sink or otherwise need to replace it and you don't want to lose all your data. Make sure it's stored online somewhere so you can just get your new phone connect to your account and magically everything appears on your phone.

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