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Sunday, July 30, 2017

1839. Suggested AntiVirus

Have you ever done an evaluation of virus protection products? Many of us would like to know which products are best?

It is critical to list the things most important to your protection. The important things to consider are

1. Web surfing protection.
2. Email attachments.
3. Multiple computers.
4. Multiple devices - Mobile phone, tablets....
5. Mac or PC or both?

No judgement but also consider if you are a high risk user? If you tend to visit more high risk sites consider extra protection.

If you are looking for business vs. personal make sure you get the business version. It might cost a little more, but some features are more focused on business use protection. For business protection I like Trend Micro Worry free products, and MalwareBytes.

I like MalwareBytes for personal.

The basic Microsoft protection that is free is called Windows Defender and Windows firewall. Use it if you decide on not spending money on additional products.

And of course our recommended ultimate protection is to have and use an image backup program. If you get a virus you simply restore your last backup. For Windows use Macrium Reflect. If you have Windows 10 there is built in image backup. For your Mac use Carbon Copy Cloner.

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