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Saturday, October 21, 2017

1857. IOS 11 and more

I noticed that Apple released iOS 11. Should I update? What are some of your favorite new features?

Not only has Apple released iOS 11, it has already released an update (iOS 11.0.1) that fixes a few small problems. It has started beta testing (that is, allowing developers to test) iOS 11.1, which adds some new features.

We have installed iOS 11 on our Apple devices, and it’s looking good. (There are the usual stories about the installation causing battery life deterioration, but we haven’t seen it. On the other hand, our devices are relatively “young”—an iPhone SE and an iPhone 8. Your device may behave differently.

Be aware that iOS 11 won’t run on every Apple device—for phones, you must have an iPhone 5s or later; for iPads, you’ll need an iPad Pro, an iPad 5th generation, an iPad Mini 2 or later, or an iPad Air.

Both iPhones and iPads get a number of common new features: a completely overhauled control center, a fancy screenshot editor, a “Smart Invert Colors” mode that acts like a dark mode. The new Files app allows full access to documents stored not only on the device, but also in online storage, such as iCloud, DropBox, Google Drive, and more. This one feature makes iOS devices far more useful as general-purpose computing devices. Both devices support drag and drop between applications, making it possible to do things like drag text from an application into an email.

iPad users will find a new keyboard that some folks love, and others hate (Ken is a fan). The move visible new iPad feature, however, is the dock, which makes the iPad infinitely easier to use. Like the Mac’s dock, you can pin any (reasonable) number of apps to the dock, allowing for quick and easy access. Larger iPads make better use of multi-tasking in iOS 11, as well.

iPhone users will find a number of iPhone-specific features, including a quick-dial emergency SOS feature (please don’t test this out; local 911 services are overwhelmed with the less-than-thoughtful folks who try out the feature). Ken’s favorite new feature: An automatic Do-Not-Disturb mode while driving! Yes, it’s possible to override this feature or even turn it off, but if you find yourself absently looking at notifications while at stoplights (or worse, while driving—please don’t!), this new feature could save a life or two. With the default settings, if the phone is moving in a car, it won’t display notifications at all. You can have the phone send out a response to texts (like “I’m currently driving. I’ll get back to you.”) You may disagree, but we think this is a useful, and life-saving feature.

For more information, check out this link for a short list of new features that matter: [].

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