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Saturday, October 21, 2017

1861. Screenshot my iPhone with mark-up

I recently found myself needing to take a screenshot on my iphone, and mark it up with instructions. How can I take a screenshot, and then how can I add markings to it and send the screen shot to a friend?

You've been able to take screenshots with an iPhone for as long as I can remember by holding the home button and the on off button together and this would take a screenshot of the current thing you're seeing on the screen and store it in your camera roll.
The problem is if you did this often you ended up cluttering up your photo collection with screenshots which you probably only wanted temporarily.
Starting with IOS 11 they've made this a lot more functional. Now when you take a screenshot the same way by holding the home button and the on off switch it doesn't put it in your camera roll right away. Instead it puts it at the lower left corner of your screen.
Tap that little tiny image of the screen you just took and from there you can mark it up. They've added mark up tools like pens and highlighters so you can highlight that screenshot and then immediately use the share button to share it with friends or wherever else you want. 
To save it you can decide to save it to your camera roll if you like or you can just delete it because you're done with it. Either way IOS 11makes this a lot more functional and a lot easier.

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