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Saturday, October 21, 2017

1863. Clean up Windows - Is Ccleaner OK?

We recommended ccleaner in the past but i recenly read an article that ccleaner itself got corrupted. is it safe again or should i not use it?

Ccleaner is free and has a pay for version. Yes it did have some issues in Sept 2017. Ver 5.33 was hacked and some malware was in the release. This has been fixed and Avast the company that owns Ccleaner assures us the problem has been fixed.

I have the free Version 5.35 installed and like it. I use it along with features of Windwos 10 to keep my Windows version running clean. If you want something more automatic consider buying the Ccleaner upgrade or other programs.

Ccleaner was the only good program available that had a free version.

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