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Saturday, October 21, 2017

1865. Navigating my Desktop

I have been working more and more with my Surface Pro and because I am able to start more programs concurrently I have been using the "Desktop" icon more and more. I think you had this in a tip awhile back. Can you review it?

The Desktop icon is the one in the taskbar about third from the left. It looks like a TV set with ears. You probably never tried using it. Yes go ahead and click it.

It show you ll of the "open" programs you have running and you can easily select which one you want by clicking on the program. The Alt+TAB will basically provide this view and allow you to tab through the windows. You can also create more views of your desktop by adding more destops.

On the desktop view page on the lower right you will see an Add Desktop selection. You will then have a second or third desktop that you can add Windows or move current windows to, creating multiple workspaces. This gives you a clean approach to creating your workspace. Give it a try. .

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