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Saturday, October 21, 2017

1866. What happened to My Computer?

What happened to My Computer icon?

What happened was Windows 10. No worries the My Computer icon functions are still there. Start by right clicking on the Desktop and selecting Personalize. You can also ask Cortana to Open Settings and then click on Personalize.

Click on Themes and go to the Go To Desktop settings. You can select other icons like Recycle Bin, Network, Control Panel as well as Computer.

The Computer icon will have the title of This PC. If you must stay in the past right click the icon and Rename it to My Computer.

When you click on the icon it may open with your Quick Access selections selected. If you want the This PC/My Computerto be selected. Open a new Explorer window.
Click View in the ribbon.
Click Options.
Under General, next to “Open File Explorer to:” choose “This PC.”
Click OK. You are now back in the year 2010. Happy?

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