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Saturday, October 21, 2017

1868. Remote Access Programs

I alway see you accessing other peoples computers. How do you do this?

Yes there are tools that I use to access other computers remotely. Some of these are Teamviewer, VNC, Remote Desktop built into Windows.

Many of these tools work with both the PC and the Mac. Some of them have free versions if you are not using them for commercial purposes.

Are they safe? Actually that is a very important question. You want to make sure that the program is encrypting the information going between the two computers. You also do not want to allow someone to access your computer without your permission.

I use Teamviewer, VNC and remote Desktop. Teamviewer and VNC works with both PC and Mac. If you use Remote Desktop that comes with Windows you want to be sure you also make the communications go through a VPN tunnel to make sure it is protected. Teamviewer and VNC provide their own encryption.

Yes these are great tools . Use them wisely. Remember if you get a call or solicitation from someone claiming you have a virus and they can fix it. They will want to remotely connect to your computer. DON'T LET THEM.

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