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Sunday, November 26, 2017

1871. Kill the new iPad keyboard.

In a previous tech tip, you indicated that you kind of liked the new iOS 11 iPad keyboard. Well, you’re wrong: It’s terrible! I end up typing the wrong thing all the time. Is there some way to turn this new “improved” keyboard off before I throw the iPad out the window?

We were slightly surprised at the vehemence of this (and other) comments and questions about the new iPad keyboard, added in iOS 11. This new keyboard supposedly makes it easier to enter both letters and numbers, and other symbols. Rather than having to switch to a separate keyboard layout to type numbers and symbols, you can press and then swipe down (a gesture Apple calls a “flick”). Once you get used to it, these flicks make it easy to enter numbers in the middle of a sentence, for example, without having to switch to the secondary keyboard layout.

But not all improvements work for everyone, we understand! Perhaps, rather than tossing the iPad into the trash, you might consider simply disabling the “flicks” feature, and returning to the classic, normal keyboard. It’s easy to do!

In the Settings app, select General, then Keyboard. Find the Enable Key Flicks option, and toggle it off. That’s it! Now your iPad will return to working the way it used to, and you can refrain from tossing out your perfectly good tablet!

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