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Sunday, November 26, 2017

1880. Deleted clients.

I accidentally deleted some clients in my email. How can I get them back?

With most email providers and in most of your email viewer applications you have a DELETED folder. I always thought this was only for actual emails I received.

Then one day I noticed that my DELETED folder in Outlook was getting very large so I went in to delete old emails. While looking through them I saw not only Contacts, I also saw appointments, and tasks that I deleted.

So depending on the email provider as well as the email application you use you may not have deleted that old friend. Look up the help section of your application to see if it places all types of items in the deleted folder.

If you only use a browser to access email, check the deleted folder to see if other items are also placed there.

Testing now is always a good idea instead of waiting for when it is necessary to know. Check with yours.

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