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Sunday, January 7, 2018

1891. iPhone pictures search

How can I sort thru my pictures on my iPhone or iPad to find something easier?

OK Ken really told me about this tip. I keep many pictures on my iPhone and can never find the one I want without going thru each picture. Ken suggested I use the search option.

1. Launch the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.
2. Tap on Photos or Albums in the bottom navigation.
3. Tap on the Search button in the top menu.

If I want to find a house picture I type house and magically your iPhone shows me all the picture of houses.

Cars? Type cars. It is pretty smart.

It however doesn't find all my pictures of Ken. Its good but can't do that.

1890. Windows 10 look and feel

I see a friends Windows 10 and many things are very different than the way mine looks. Why is it like this?

Well there may be many options But I would look at the Setting, Personalize section. There are many options to tune the way Windows looks and the way if operates.

I suggest you go to the Start menu, Settings, and the Personalize and review each section. You can then turn options on and off and evaluate the way things change. Remember what changes you make so you can always change things back later if you find out you liked it better before.

I change too many things one time and I forgot what I changed and still haven't found the correct item to put back. :(

1889. Clear open Windows in Windows 10

What happened to the Show Desktop icon so I can clear open Windows on Windows 10?

In all previous releases of Windows I could clcik an icon in the taskbar and close or open all windows. I can't find it?

Well there is something better. Point your mouse to the title bar of a window and hold the left button and shake the window. Yes shake it. All other windows will close. Well except that windows you are shaking.

Shake it again and they will open.

Another way to clear windows to show the desktop is to right button click on the Windows logo and select Desktop. All your windows will minimize.

Not a perfect solution but better than none. I do like to shake it. .

1888. MacOS Mail / Office 365 Email Hell

I upgraded to the new Apple operating system High Sierra and now I can't receive mail using MacOS Mail and my Office 365 account? Help!

I was helping a friend that has an Mac and they upgraded to High Sierra. They then went to MacOS Mail (the stamp icon) to access their email. They had two email accounts. One of which was with Office 365.

They noticed that some mail they were expecting hadn't arrived. So they used their browser to access the mail and the mail had come in. So why didn't MacOS Mail find it?

When I did some searching and found that since the High Sierra upgrade Apple broke MacOS MAIL and it was not working correctly with Office 365 accounts. At this time the problem does not affect all Office 365 accounts.

Apple and Microsoft are chatting about the problem. Wouldn't you like to be a fly on that wall?

The only options you have at this point is to wait and use your browser, or install one of many free or not free mail applications like Thunderbird, or Outlook. Apple says they will fix it but I wouldn't hold my breath.

1887. Shutter Bug

I keep making bad pictured on my iPhone. I can't click that Home button without jerking the phone and the pictures suck. Any suggestions?

I really don't use the many features of my smart phone and I am embarrassed when people ask me basic questions I should know the answer to.

But one day I was taking pictures and my friend noticed how I was struggling to click the home button on my iPhone to snap the picture. She said why don't you just click the up or down volume button. Duh!

If you have headphones the volume button also works. There are Bluetooth remote buttons available and if you have special photo apps like ProCamera you can press anywhere on the screen.

My photos are still shaky and blurred but at least I don't look dumb when I take the pictures.

1881. Excel print area

I have an Excel spreadsheet that I use to track my investments, and I’d like to print it to take to my tax guy. I don’t want to print the whole thing, though—I need to find some way to just print a portion of the spreadsheet. I don’t see an option to do this when I select the Print menu item. What’s the trick?

Excel uses a feature called print area to control what gets printed. When you use the print menu, first select the area you like to be printed this can be a single rectangular area or if you're fancy multiple rectangular areas, then from the File menu choose the print area option, and then select set print area.

That's it you're done now.

When you choose the print menu item you'll see that just the area you've selected available to print if you try to print a spreadsheet but it only prints a subset of the data it's most likely because you or someone else has used the set print area menu item to restrict printing. In that case to clear the set print area, choose the file menu, then print area, then clear print area. That way you can again print the entire spreadsheet.

It's a simple tip but it allows you to print a subset of an Excel spreadsheet.

1882. Information pop up - Mac

When I type on my Mac, I’m finding that an infuriating little popup constantly gets in the way. It looks like the Mac is suggesting international versions of the characters I’m typing, but that’s never what I want. I don’t know why it’s appearing as I type, but I want it to just go away. Is something wrong with my computer?

Like many of the tips we talk about here this one actually happened to me. The problem is that Apple in its infinite wisdom determined that unlike on a Windows P.C. where if you press and hold a character that character repeats on the back. If you press and hold a character a little pop up appears that allows you to choose from internationalized versions of that character.

That was getting in my way so I wanted to find a way to turn it off. I did some searching on the internet and found the trick to do it. Now this takes a little bit of effort but you'll find the instructions online and it's pretty easy to do once you find those instructions.

To find them search for this phrase "Applepressandholdenabled" as a single word. At "Apple press and hold enabled" you'll find the instructions for turning off that feature or perhaps turning it back on if you decide you like it back.

In my case the problem was a Bluetooth keyboard whose battery had run down so that every character no matter how quickly I typed it was triggering this pop up. If you're finding that happening replacing the battery in your keyboard could solve the problem. If that's not it, search online for "Apple press and hold enabled" as a single word and you'll find instructions for turning this feature off.

1883. Freeze row and columns - Excel

I use Excel to track lists of things, and sometimes the list is longer than I can view on screen. When I scroll up to look at the lower rows, I lose the header information, and I can’t tell which column is which. This seems like a common problem. Is there a simple solution?

This is a common problem and it's so common that the Excel team has made the solution very simple to find but unless you know what you're looking for it's unlikely you'll find it.

The answer is within Excel. Select the View tab at the top of the screen. then click the Freeze Panes button. then select either the freeze top row or freeze first column button that freezes the first row or the first column.

You can freeze both if you like. If you need to freeze multiple rows or columns you'll need to look online for information how to do that. It's a little more complicated but not much more.

Then if you decide you want to unfreeze those rows or columns you'll also find menu items that do that is well.

Once you've frozen the top row for example you can scroll down in your spreadsheet and as you scroll down the top row won't scroll with the rest of the data so you can always see your column headers. The same thing for freezing the first column then as you scroll to the right the row headers won't scroll with the data so you could always see the first value in each row.

This is a simple solution but one that's invaluable if you have a large amount of data.

1884. New features iOS 11

I recently upgraded my iPad to iOS 11, and I’m totally confused by all the new features and options and apps. I’ve looked online, but can’t really find any help that makes sense to me. Is there some place I can look for beginner help with iOS 11?

You're not alone IOS 11 is seemingly a lot more confusing than previous versions with all of its new features. It was a huge upgrade from iOS 10 and for some reason the large majority of iOS users have upgraded the iOS 11,

Apple realizes this and has provided a large series of support videos on iOS 11. It's easy to find them just go to youtube on your computer and search for the Apple support channel you'll find there are a bunch of videos and there's a section devoted to iPad and iOS 11.

We've watched them. They're useful, they're short so even those of us with short attention spans are able to find the a video we need and watch it and get the tip under our belts. Go to You Tube look for the Apple support channel. It'll help get you started.

1885. Turn off iPhone ringing on other devices

I guess there must be someone who wants this behavior, but I do not: When a call comes in on my iPhone, my Mac and my iPad also start ringing, slightly out of sync. This makes me crazy! Every call causes this terrible cacophony, and I need to make it stop. Can you help?

This is of course another one that happened to me. I'd be sitting at my desk, someone would call my cell phone and everything in the room would start ringing, but not ringing together. It would be the same ring maybe a half second apart and the noise would make you nuts and then if you answer your cell phone sometimes the computer in the iPad would keep ringing for a while.

Yes I could pick up the call on my iPad or my computer which is helpful actually if you're sitting with your iPad. Maybe reading on the sofa and your phone is somewhere else and you want to answer the call. That's great but most times I'm sitting at my desk and the noise just drives me nuts, but luckily it's simple to turn off.

To do that on your phone start the settings app, find the phone options and select the calls on other devices option. At the top of that page you have an option to simply turn off the feature. You can also choose to enable or disable the feature for any local Apple devices that is signed into the same iCloud account.

In my case I left the iPad on so that if I'm using my i Pad away from the phone I can use the iPad as a phone and answer the call. That's actually a useful feature because I could also turn the volume down so it doesn't ring so loudly so wouldn't bother me but in any case it is a feature you can turn off.

Look for it in the settings app on your phone.

1886. Amazon Wish List

A friend recently referred to some item on my Amazon Wish List when we were chatting, and I was horrified! I had no idea that anyone else could see what I had added to this shopping list. Is there some way to ensure that no one can see the items on my Amazon Wish List?

Well that'll teach you to put sex toys on your wish list. 

In any case it is true by default your Amazon wish list is public. You can make it not be public but you have to take a step to do it. 

Logon to and into your account and hover your mouse over the accounts and lists item under your lists. 

Select your wish list. Amazon displays your wish list and most likely you'll find that it includes the word "public" next to the name of the list . If it says "private" you're all set you've already done this or somehow by magic yours was set to private. 

To change that, click the edit this list link and change the privacy option to private. You can also make it shared so that anyone who has the U.R.L. to your wishlist can see it. but you'd have to send that to them. 

Once you're done, click Save changes and you're all set. Remember your wish list is public. All someone has to know is your name or your email address and they can see it unless you make the effort to change it to be private or shared.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

1893. Bogus call spoofing CALLER-ID

Our friend Dave Bear from KNCO called us about Swap Shop and The Shopping Show customers getting calls from some bad people.  They use racists and offensive language when they call about you items you are selling or the service you are offering.  How can you proteck yourself from getting these call?

Unfortunately there is not much that can be done.  Usually these callers are spoofing legitimate telephone numbers, so tracing the call is difficult.

Spoofing a telephone number is illegal.  So you can contact authorities and they are supposed to deal with the problem.  But it is difficult.

Your telephone company must provide you with the ability to block the number.  But often the people will just start using another number.  Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology allows the caller to do spoofing easily.

Here is a link that will help you follow up on the problem.