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Sunday, January 7, 2018

1884. New features iOS 11

I recently upgraded my iPad to iOS 11, and I’m totally confused by all the new features and options and apps. I’ve looked online, but can’t really find any help that makes sense to me. Is there some place I can look for beginner help with iOS 11?

You're not alone IOS 11 is seemingly a lot more confusing than previous versions with all of its new features. It was a huge upgrade from iOS 10 and for some reason the large majority of iOS users have upgraded the iOS 11,

Apple realizes this and has provided a large series of support videos on iOS 11. It's easy to find them just go to youtube on your computer and search for the Apple support channel you'll find there are a bunch of videos and there's a section devoted to iPad and iOS 11.

We've watched them. They're useful, they're short so even those of us with short attention spans are able to find the a video we need and watch it and get the tip under our belts. Go to You Tube look for the Apple support channel. It'll help get you started.

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