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Sunday, January 7, 2018

1885. Turn off iPhone ringing on other devices

I guess there must be someone who wants this behavior, but I do not: When a call comes in on my iPhone, my Mac and my iPad also start ringing, slightly out of sync. This makes me crazy! Every call causes this terrible cacophony, and I need to make it stop. Can you help?

This is of course another one that happened to me. I'd be sitting at my desk, someone would call my cell phone and everything in the room would start ringing, but not ringing together. It would be the same ring maybe a half second apart and the noise would make you nuts and then if you answer your cell phone sometimes the computer in the iPad would keep ringing for a while.

Yes I could pick up the call on my iPad or my computer which is helpful actually if you're sitting with your iPad. Maybe reading on the sofa and your phone is somewhere else and you want to answer the call. That's great but most times I'm sitting at my desk and the noise just drives me nuts, but luckily it's simple to turn off.

To do that on your phone start the settings app, find the phone options and select the calls on other devices option. At the top of that page you have an option to simply turn off the feature. You can also choose to enable or disable the feature for any local Apple devices that is signed into the same iCloud account.

In my case I left the iPad on so that if I'm using my i Pad away from the phone I can use the iPad as a phone and answer the call. That's actually a useful feature because I could also turn the volume down so it doesn't ring so loudly so wouldn't bother me but in any case it is a feature you can turn off.

Look for it in the settings app on your phone.

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