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Sunday, February 25, 2018

1892. Contrast setting in Windows 10

I can't see. How can I change the contrast.

The Contrast in Windows can be changed to make thing seasier to read. If you go to the Windows Icon, select Setings and then select Ease of Access.

Here you have options to make changes to how you can see and access options. This includes the Contrast of the screen. Normally you have a white background with black type font. You can reverse this and have a black background with white type. This I find most helpful .

There are other options in this area like magnifier, mouse settings and closed caption. One thing I also noticed was that when using Internet Explorer and Chrome these applications can have there own Contrast settings. Go to the browser settings options and review them. I found many of these settings valuable to make my computer experience much better. Contrast in Windows and for some reason Chrome has to be set itself.

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