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Sunday, February 25, 2018

1893. Add Wireless Charging to Android

I have an older Android phone, and would love to be able to use wireless charging--I love the idea of just dropping my phone into a wireless charger without dealing with cables. Is there some way to make my phone support wireless charging?

As with all things it depends. Lots of Android phones support wireless charging natively. So all you have to do is find a compatible charger drop it on that charger and it will charge. On the other hand some phones don't.

A friend gave me an Android Galaxy S5 to work with and it doesn't support wireless charging natively. But I looked online and it can support wireless charging with a little insert you put behind the back cover right on top of the battery. This adds wireless charging capability without much effort. Your phone may also support that sort of add on hardware to make wireless charging possible.

If your phone doesn't support that there are lots of cases out there that wrap around the phone that provide wireless charging.They plug into your phone's charging port and then provide their own charging port for charging themselves. If you can get that sort of case great. It'll cost you a little extra to get that functionality.

  1. So look to see if your phone supports wireless charging natively.
  2. If it doesn't look to see if there's some add on piece of hardware you can add to the phone to add wireless charging.
  3. if not then look for a case that wraps around your phone and provides wireless charging. 
  4. If none of those are available and you really want wireless charging it may be time to update your phone.

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