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Sunday, February 25, 2018

1895. Mute Email Threads on Gmail

I’m a Gmail user, and recently, I got involved in a family discussion via email that simply wouldn’t stop. I kept deleting emails, and more kept showing up from distant family members hitting “reply all.” Is there some way to get myself out of email discussions like these, when I don’t care about any further email messages on the topic?

First of all don't reply all unless that's absolutely required. We hate people that reply all when it has no business going to everyone. If you're sending out an email if you want to avoid reply all the answer is simple just put the recipients in the B.C.C. line instead of the C.C. line and the blind carbon copy won't allow them to reply all.

End of story.

But if this nightmare has already started and you're using GMail it's easy to get yourself out of the conversation. You can mute a conversation. In that case you simply won't see any more responses. If you're using the GMail web app and you'll have to be using the web app to make this happen. You first select the message, look for the more dropdown at the top of the list of messages and click it in that list. You'll see the mute option. Once you select mute you won't get any more messages from your Uncle Harold about what he's bringing for dinner at Thanksgiving. It'll save you from the nightmare of endless discussions you don't want to be involved in. If you're using a different email client or email server check to see if it supports the mute option like GMail.

It's really helpful. BTW Outlook does.

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