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Sunday, February 25, 2018

1896. Fix Scroll Direction on Mac OS

I’ve never used a trackpad before, but my latest computer is a Mac. I now find myself trying to use the trackpad, and it seems that scrolling goes in the wrong direction. On my phone, when I swipe up, the content on the screen goes up. That’s how I’d like it to work, but on my Mac, things go the opposite direction! Can I make the trackpad on the Mac work like swiping on the phone?

The question of which way to scroll when you move your finger on the trackpad is very similar to the question about which direction should you place toilet paper on the paper holder. There is no right answer it's different for every person. Normally on a Mac when you scroll with the mouse wheel or move your finger on the trackpad the screen moves in the opposite direction.
The phone however works that when you move your finger up. The data on the screen moves up as well and if you want them to work the same and I'll confess that I do on the Mac.

Find trackpad settings and the easiest way to do that is press all space bar to get spotlight and then just type trackpad and hit enter. Find scroll and zoom options then select the scroll direction and set it to natural. That's a check mark you check. You'll probably want to make the same change for the mouse settings and once you do that the screen will move in the same direction you move your finger or scroll

The mouse wheel on the other hand once you do that other, people trying to use your computer will hate you and they'll hate your computer and once you get used to it you will find using anyone else's computer frustrating and incorrect. You will be the loner using your computer the way it was intended to be used everybody else does it wrong. On the other hand that's the way it comes to you'll have to make this change to make it happen. Go to settings find the trackpad settings and change it to natural scrolling. It's called natural for a reason.

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