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Sunday, February 25, 2018

1899. Image backup - Carbonite?

Why do you guys recommend Image Backups? Doesn't Carbonite work just as well?

Carbonite was originally designed to backup data files and folders. As internet speeds improved they are backing up more and more data. They even offer for an extra charge image backup. You do need faster internet speeds to even use this effectively.

Our full Image backup is intended to give you the protection against full disk failure, a Virus, or ransomware, and software failure that could destroy a disk.

Let's say you have this type of failure. It will take someone at least 3-4 hours recover. To install the operating system, install all the applications and enhancements since you originally got the computer then restore your data.

With an image copy it will take about 1 hour and you don't miss things. Like I said Carbonite offers this now if you have fast internet, but you will still probably need to have them send you a copy of the image on disk because it is so large. That costs money and time.

Spend $50 and buy a backup drive. Use image backup software like Macrium Reflect for Windows 10 Image Backup, or Carbon Copy Cloner for your Mac. Save hours of time to rebuild your disk, OS, Apps, data.
Carbonite, Google Drive, One Drive, and IDrive are great for files, multiple versions etc. NOT good for disk restore.

Use a combination of local Image backups and the other file backups for the best of both worlds.

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