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Sunday, February 25, 2018

1901. Translate Voice to text

I need to translate some voice (MP3) files into text. Know of a good service or application?

I hope everyone knows that we also publish a blog. You can review all of our techtips at

Ken is a great ad-libber. He never writes out the answers to our tips. So I have to take those recorded tips and publish them.

I use a get service called VoiceBase. You can sign up and receive a great free trial.

You can upload the voice recordings and within minutes they provide you with a very accurate text of your recordings. I would say they are well above 95% accurate.

Usually only some punctuation is required.

They also provide human translation in the service.

So go to Great service good prices, free trial. And for special translation you can have them do it using a live person. Highly recommend!

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