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Sunday, February 25, 2018

1902. WTurn off Windows update

Windows updates suck. How to turn them off

OK. First it is easy to turn Windows updates off. Go to Admin Tools, Services, Windows Update, Disable. Then OK.

A Windows service is a program that runs in the background to do things. if you disable the service for the Windows update it will no longer update Windows. Short term this is OK. But you want the updates to fix things.

You might want to just delay updates for a month or so. You can do this by: Go to settings, Update and security, advanced options, Pause updates, turn ON.

But you really want to consider why you are stopping Windows updates. If it is interrupting your work in the same Settings area you can control the time that updates will run.

If you had an update cause a problem, you can use our image backup solutions to make an image of your system before allowing the update. You can then recover easily.

We recommend keeping up with your system updates but you can control when and how often they run.

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