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Sunday, February 25, 2018

1903. I Bar and more about Mouse cotrol

Control shape and size of mouse cursor.

I work on many different computers. Some screen are bigger and better than others. But the one thing that is hard to work with is the mouse.

However it's shape, size and color can be controlled. In Windows 10 go to Settings, Devices, Mouse, advanced Mouse options.

In other versions of Winows and your Mac you can do the same types of changes.

Once in the mouse settings, you can specify the button configuration, speed settings, change the pointer shape from arrow to a hand finger pointing. Lot's of options. You can change what the mouse looks like when the system is busy and when you hover over text you want to change

What helps me the most is the color of the mouse when it is over a white background vs. a black background. It makes it so much easier to see the mouse.

Also related to the mouse is computers with a trackpad. When you also plug in a mouse you can make the trackpad disabled. I use my trackpad when traveling. But when at the office I use a mouse and it is so irritating to have a mouse and you accidentally touch the trackpad and move the mouse. You can turn the trackpad off.

Give the mouse setting a review and make you computer work better and easier.

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