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Saturday, April 14, 2018

1911. After 1709 upgrade program start after boot.

I upgraded my Windows 10 computer to the 1709 Creators update. Now programs keep starting up when I start Winwods for no reason. Not in my startup folder.

After your computer does an upgarde to the Fall Creators update 1709 some programs that you do not have identified to automatically start suddenly are starting automatically after you reboot.

You can look at the Startup tasks by opening the Task Manager (right click on the task bar and select Task Manager). Select More Details, and then the Startup tab.

Here you will see the list of programs that Windows starts for you automatically. But those programs you are having issues with starting aren't listed. Well it turns out the 1709 update tries to help you out by restarting programs that you left running when the computer shuts down. Nice feature if that is what you want. Not so much if you don't. So what to do.

Well currently there does not seem to be the ability to automatically not restart these programs you have left running. You can however set up a special Shutdown command. First try this. Open a Command window. Remember that old DOS window. Then type shutdown -t 0 -s and hit enter. This will shutdown all the applications before shuting down the computer. When you restart only the desired applications will reopen. If this is how you want things to work, set up this shutdown command as a shortcut and use it when you want to shutdown. This of course will not resolve things when the computer shuts down without your desire. But it is likely when this happens you do want the programs to restart.

Hopefully they will add an option to resolve this new "feature". We will let you know.

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