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Saturday, April 14, 2018

1913. What are Service Providers?

Some ask about who should use as their ISP, ESP, WSP, all of those SP's. What are SP's and why?

Well we need to start at the beginning. The SP portion stands for Service Provider.

The first letter is the type of service. Depending on where you are and what device you are using gives clarity to the exact type and name of service. Let's start with "I" the "I" is for Internet. If you are at home using your computer with your ATT, Comcast, Greater Broadband then your ISP Internet Service Provider is that service ATT or Comcast.

If you are using your cell phone without WIFI then your ISP is your cell phone carrier.

The other "SP's" like "E" is for Email (SBCGlobal, yahoo, gmail, Office 365), "W" is for WEB who is hosting your private web site.

If you don't have your own private domain name like you normally don't care about those WSP's. If you do have your own domain then you have it registered somewhere like NetworkSolutions, Godaddy, TuCows (yes TuCows), Bluehost and others.

But you don't need to use the same place the domain name is registered to host your email or web services. Techtipguys recommend using either Office365 or Google Busines email to host your email. For Web there are many.

If you use any free email services we recommend or We strongly recommend not using your ISP's email address like It is not their business and it is just not secure.

So SP's are important. Remember to be sure you know which one you are using and for what purpose.

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