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Saturday, April 14, 2018

1916. Windows 10 1709 Creator Update causing freezes restarts.

It continues to restart or just Freezes. Help

Actually there are a number of different ways this update may raise a problem. Restarting randomly is one. Another prominent problem is the computer seems to freeze at the point it is logging you on to Windows. Your name appears and that pesky little circle of dots that rotate suddenly stops and you have no keyboard or mouse access. You try to force the power off by holding the power button and then turning it back on. Same results.

Usually to resolve thing problem all you need to do is to back off that update that took place last night. But how do you get access to do this. Well magic comes to mind.

Calling support or trying the following: You want to get to a screen that allows you to boot with advanced options. Depending on your computer this will vary. When the initial manufacturer splash screen appears start to press the ESC, F2, F8, F10, or Del key repeatedly. The specific key will vary my manufacturer. Do a search for your make/model and "interrupt boot for advanced options. This is the most difficult part.

After the initial special screen comes up Choose Advanced Options, and on one of the options you will see an option that will allow you to go back to a restore point. DO NOT CHOOSE TO restore your system to the initial state!!! Choose the last restore point done, and continue. It usually takes 15-30 minutes to finally allow you to log in.

If you are able to login to your computer and want to back up to a previous Restore Point it is lots easier. Again do a search for your operating system and go back to a previous restore point.

You know we always recommend IMAGE backups. Even if your computer isn't able to boot and log you in, if you have image backup software and created a proper thumb drive boot device, you should also do a special backup before trying the restore point in case the restore point fails. Also if you have a backup like we recommend and a Windows update messed up your computer you can restore your computer to a backup prior to the update.

Another good reason to listen to Ken and Doug and backup, backup, and backup again. .

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