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Sunday, July 1, 2018

1917. Clear the Recent Documents List in Microsoft Word

I use Microsoft Word on my office Windows computer, and when I start it, it lists all the recent documents that everyone has edited. Is there some way to clear this list, so it’s less confusing? Even better, is there some way to turn it off completely?

We want to ask what you're doing so that you don't want your coworkers to see what document you've been working on?Maybe you're preparing that new resume?

Luckily Microsoft Word makes it easy to clear the whole list, remove a particular document from the recent list, or turn the feature off altogether to clear the list. Once you've started word find a list of recent files that appears on the left side of the first screen, right click on any document, and select clear unpinned documents, click yes to confirm. Word removes the list of recently opened documents.

To clear a single item from the list, right click that item and select remove from list to remove it from the recent list.

To turn off the recent file list completely you'll need to select file and then options in the Word Options dialog, select the Advanced tab, and then the display section, set the show the number of recent documents option to zero and click OK.

That does it no recent documents will show. There is one more place you'll need to fix in Windows 10, right clicking the Microsoft Word icon on the Taskbar displays a list of recent documents. To fix this problem in Windows, select start then settings, then Personalization, click start on the left hand menu, and then click "Show recently opened items in jump list on start or the task bar" and turn that feature off. In any case it takes a few steps to turn off the recent list but you can do it if you want.

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