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Sunday, July 1, 2018

1919. Send Faxes online

As much as I find it difficult to believe, I was recently forced to send a fax in order to complete a business transaction. I don’t have a fax machine. I haven’t had a fax machine since, well, I can’t remember when. I ended up taking the pages to be faxed to an office supply store, and having them fax it for me for an outrageous price per page. Is there some way I could have done this transaction online?

Well let's jump in that time machine back to one thousand nine hundred ninety five faxing seemed modern at first now it just seems quaint On the other hand faxes are still used in banking real estate and medical firms but at least the practice is fading it can be more secure than the Internet because you are going through the Internet it's just a point to point protocol but the problem is who sees it at the other end who's looking at your private fax. We don't do business with folks that require faxing if at all possible because it's a pain. But sometimes you just can't avoid it.

There used to be in the heyday of the Internet, tons of online fax services that were free. Now there's almost none at least none that are reputable. You'll find online fax services but don't use them. The only good one we know of that's free is called

The free service is limited to three pages plus a cover sheet and up to five faxes per day. You won't be sending out those junk faxes using Faxzero but if you need to send back a medical form or real estate form it's a great way to do it. That limitation should cover most people with intermittent needs. You can pay more if you need more and if you don't pay be prepared to be nagged to pay, but to use Faxzero you will need an electronic copy of your document. You can have a Word document a PDF file or a bunch of other formats they accept. If you have your document on paper you'll need to scan it first into a PDF file. For example once you have that you just upload to their service and they'll fax it for you.

Now if you just have your phone you can still just take a photo of the document and in most cases you can just fax that photo. In any case check out You will certainly be asked you to pay them but you can get by by using it for free.

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