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Sunday, July 1, 2018

1921. Copy and Paste Between Mac and iPad

I sometimes need to move data between my Mac and my iPad. All I really want to do is copy text to the Clipboard on my Mac and then paste it into a document on the iPad. Is there some easy way to do this?

There are lots of ways to transfer data from a Mac to an iPad and you could even email the data to yourself. That is slow and feels very 2005. As long as you have moderately recent Mac an iPad hardware from the last four years or so you should be able to take advantage of Apple's Universal clipboard. This allows you to copy data from one device and paste to another and it works on the Mac iPad or iPhone as long as they're in the same network and are set up correctly.

Now this feature requires you to be logged in the iCloud so you have to know your Apple ID and your password and I say this to everyone I know who has Apple devices, you have to know your Apple ID and your Apple password or you really can't use the devices. You need to know these and you should know them before there's an emergency.

So if you haven't set them up do it now. In any case given that information you can use Apple's continuity features. It just requires the devices to be logged into the same iCloud account and on the same wireless network. For information on how to set it up go to the Internet and search online for "set up Apple continuity features" and you should find explicit set of directions which are very complicated.

Once you do that you can copy information on one device and pasted onto another which makes it really useful for things like looking up passwords on your computer and then on your phone pasting them into a website. Search for Apple continuity features and you'll find all the information you need.

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